The Best
Big Dog Brush Ever!

And...little dogs LOVE it too!

At 14 in. long and 3 in. wide dogs LOVE it!

My name is Lucy, I am a 12 year old Golden Doodle in Minnesota, and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE  to be scratched.  I used to always rub trees and bushes to scratch myself, and all the little tiny dog brushes my parents tried never really scratched me like I wanted.  So, they made their own Big Dog Brush in the garage, and I LOVED it, and so did every other dog, so they had it made professionally and now you can have one for your dog too!  

And one more really big thing, we donate a brush to the Animal Humane Society for every brush we sell.

Lucy waking up with Bed Head

Lucy well groomed

The Biggest Bestest Dog Brush Ever, shipped FREE!


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Order your Big Dog Brush today, and shipping is FREE anywhere in the US!  The Big Dog Brush is 14 inches long, and almost 3 inches wide.  Your big (and little) dog will love it!

For every brush we sell, we donate one to the Animal Humane Society.

Did we mention free shipping?